My Summer — Making the most of it!

As humans, we always sit back and ponder the things we wish we did. Take vacations, spend times with loved ones, take up a hobby, write, etc. I coach many professionals that are well accomplished and still miss those things. This summer, I motivated myself to focus on the things that were important to me. Connecting — with family, people that we consider family, and people who are not in my frequent contacts.

Many people reached out to me this summer, asking if everything was ok with my health and wellbeing because I have not been posting often. I am so flattered people care enough to check in. This summer was full of fun, accomplishments, and changes. I took the time to experience moments and create a platform that will provide the opportunity for more enlightenment.

First off — Fun:

Kelly and I traveled to Whitehorse, Yukon for my cousin Kathryne’s wedding. She married an amazing guy. As you get older, the time left to spend with family and loved ones gets shorter. It was so amazing to connect with cousins I have not seen in a long time. It was so special to spend those precious moments with them.

We also went to Niagara-on-the-Lake for a long weekend and spent time with our tribe. It is great to meet people who become your foundation and inspiration. Wine helps too!


I am doing the final round of editing of my book. Writing a book has always been a bucket list item for me. The book is about leadership and how leaders can develop the same skills to deal with their organization’s disability, via the same skills I have used to deal with my disability. It is a deeper dive into the TedTalk I did last year. I am hoping my book will inspire others to push through change and adversity.


Kelly and I are moving back to Waterloo October 1st! I am being transferred to split time between the Waterloo office and Toronto. Waterloo has become Kelly’s and my adopted home. Waterloo is a place that I first discovered my independence, my identity, and who I wanted to be when I went to University. Kelly and I spent our first 10 years as a married couple in KW. It provided the foundation of our continued love for one another. It’s been a place of innovation, independence, and love. It is a place with my tribe that makes me whole. A journey worth continuing. Life is short, spending as much time in your happy place is important.

Our New House:

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Toronto was a great experience. The independence discovered here will motivate me to find ways of maintaining it and expanding it in Waterloo.

Without the care and support from Aimee, my experiences in Toronto would not have been possible. Aimee, I cannot thank you enough for providing me the care and support to allow me to experience all of the 416. In the darkest times, when my other support would quit without notice, not show up, drop me, or not do what was required, you were the light that kept me inspired to move forward. Thank you.


Life does not promise us eternity, but if you make choices on what you want in life that makes you whole…your life will always be complete. Make your choices — no time to waste.


Until next time…